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Laminating Film

Laminating Machines are a standard need in all print houses and a popular office machine and they offer many added benefits to printed material as well as protecting important documents. The world of lamination can be a bit confusing with all the different types of laminators available. However, this FAQ will help you understand lamination,

Twin Wire Binding

Choosing the right cover and binding to showcase your organization’s image through your printed material can be challenging. There are many different binding styles to choose from. You may be familiar with plastic comb binding, spiral binding, thermal binding, or saddle stitching. All of these binding styles have a unique look and feel; which you


1.Calendars make useful gifts Calendars are a practical and well-received gift. They are products that people are willing to pay a premium for. When you print calendars for your customers, you’re giving them year-round gifts. Calendars are used by everyone to keep track of important dates and events, and because they are useful, your customers


Precision in cutting your printed material is imperative to the quality standard of a completed printed job and can make or break the perfect finish . Here are a few mistakes to watch out for when it comes to trimming with your guillotine. If you use a guillotine in your collation department, you may sometimes run

Print marketing will be standing strong for 2021. This type of marketing content separates yourself from an ever increasing digital world. The immense volume of information given to customers on digital platforms, means print will set you apart. Your advertising will be seen more as they’re not ignored or deleted as we so often do

Laminated Menu

The terms “lamination” and “encapsulation” are often used interchangeably and this is not correct. It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between encapsulated and laminated printed materials, there are clear differences between the two in both appearance and intention. LAMINATION Lamination is where the film is adhered to the document which is then trimmed

Laminated Prints

The print industry understands that although the print process may constitute the bulk of work, it is in fact the print finishing processes where greater profit potential often lies. Bolstering your in-house print finishing capabilities can unlock value in your established customer base and enhance the product offering to your customers. Why should you bring

Lamination Film

Using roll laminating film is one of the most cost-effective ways of laminating your printed products, such as menus, posters, book covers, charts, calendars and catalogues. Laminating your printed material enhances the visual appeal of the product as well as offers protection and durability. Although the price of a roll laminator will likely be more

Rimmed Calendar

It’s that time of the year again, and calendar season is here. If you want to promote your business and aim it on an upward growth pattern, then promotion and advertising is a business necessity.  What can separate your message from your competitors is printing your branded calendars with on trend design and a unique

If you own a vehicle, you certainly wouldn’t wait until it breaks down before deciding to service it. You probably service it every few thousand kilometers, regularly check the oil, water and tyre pressure and ensure that everything is in working order to avoid having your car leave you in the lurch. If you take

Pouch Lamination

Are you are looking for a laminator? We know it can be confusing with all the names, codes, and terms you are finding as you try source the perfect machine. We decided to put together a series of articles to share some of our knowledge and help you make the most informed decision for every

Choosing the right binding solution for your printing projects can be a challenge, and usually, the type of binding selected is based on the function of the printed material and the number of sheets the document has and of course the printing budget. Unless quality is a priority and budget is higher than normal or

      WHAT makes a consumer pick up a book, select a carton from a shelf or look twice at a poster, annual report or catalogue? Is it the texture they can’t help touching, or the shimmer of foil that catches the eye, or the perfect quality binding? Shaun Blumberg, MD of Press Products

Thermal Laminating

THERMAL LAMINATING FILMS Thermal Lamination adds a layer of protective coating to a printed surface either in gloss, or matte, or a textured finish. Improving its strength and durability. One of Thermal Laminations added benefits is improving the tactile feel of the of the printed media, giving it an enhanced finish. Deciding to use lamination or

As a South African based supplier and converter of laminating films, foils and specialty films; we now provide a complete service to deal with all bespoke requirements in our state of the art conversion facilities. Press Products now has full service in house slitting and rewinding capabilities. With our full function converting department comprising 5

2017 marks an important milestone in Press Products’ history as we celebrate our 60th anniversary. This momentous occasion gives us an opportunity to contemplate our future, based on the extraordinary operating base we have built. FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS TO INDUSTRY LEADER Press Products has undergone a remarkable transformation over 60 years – from a single-room

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